Explore the real italy

Italy is a fascinating country.
Discovering its culture and traditions has never been so easy.
Just one weekend.
Less than a one-hour drive from Milano you can walk across breathtaking landscapes, visit unforgettable historic villages, and taste local food directly from small producers along the way.

Walk with us

it’s Easy

If time is a concern, there is no need to worry. You can experience a FoodRamble in less than 24 hours without any special training or physical preparation.

Take a break

Experiencing a FoodRamble allows you to take a break from real life, to recharge your batteries and take time for yourself. Surround yourself with nature and eat great food!


FoodRamblers form a “glocal” community of travellers who share the same values and passions. Together we can discover the world and build our community.

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Hi, I am Andrea an Italian excursionist certified Aigae (badge n. LO586). My passion for excursion and the desire to find again that deep link to nature brought me to make of what I like the most my job! Walking to discover the territory and get to know it inside out is the best way to add value to it and learn how to respect it through shared experiences. This is my Mission!! Are you ready? I am here with my backpack waiting for you!


My name is Iacopo and I like to consider myself a traveller. I love nature as much as searching for simple and essential things, like the sound of my steps marking time in a slow rhythm. My passion has motivated me to follow the ancient pilgrimage route “Via Francigena” in Tuscany, to walk the Camino de Santiago from San Jean Pie de Port to Finisterre and to travel in Sri Lanka to discover its luxuriant mountain peaks. In my free time, I’m a law student


Hi! I’m Marilena, an Italian Hiking Guide living in Milan. My job is to guide, involve and excite people about nature, as well as spread the importance of and respect for the environment. I also work with kids in the field of environmental education. I love climbing and hiking! This passion for the mountains makes me live and share new adventures in nature every day!


Philosopher and educator. Hiker with passion. Guide with a mission.
I love to bring people to discover their sense of belonging to nature, so hiking and environmental education are so important to me!
Italian hiking guide
Registered in the Italian Register of HikingEnvironmental Guides with number LO595.


I’m a local hiking nature guide, associated AIGAE (LO 567). I love to explore nature. Walking through villages and old castles, following paths traveled by wayfarers thousand years ago, tasting food specialties as ingredients of the local culture. I love walking in nature respecting places and traditions following a slow and responsible tourism.


I’m a local environmental hiking guide, associated to Aigae (member number LO587). I promote sustainable and experiential tourism, through naturalistic hikes and cultural excursions. I think walking is the best way to make new discoveries and feel good. Fascinated by the connections of nature, I lead people to the discovery of natural and cultural heritage, because if you know something you love it, and if you love it you respect it. Come on, guys, beauty will save the World.

our beliefs

The diversity of local cultures

Connecting Urban and Rural environments

Food As A Universal Language

Synchronization with Nature

Sustainable behaviour

The Enabling Power Of Technology

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Complete guide

A paper guide with all the information you need for your experience is provided to you when embarking on your FoodRamble. The guide includes directions, places to visit, restaurants, experiences, accommodations, and emergency numbers.


Our cancellation policy aligns with our initiative to guard the local communities we are connected with. In doing so we aim to provide security to the local businesses and producers while maintaining flexibility for our customers in making changes or cancellations.

Cancellation Policy

We are confident that you will love your FoodRamble experience, but sometimes life happens and plans change. Our cancellation policy includes a 48 hours in advance money back guarantee, and if you cancel 24 hours in advance you receive a 50% refund.

Who we are

Foodramble finds its origins in the desire to travel the world in a different way; an emotion shared by its founders, Luca and Marco.

Everything started one night in Hanoi in front of an amazing bowl of Pho in a small local restaurant serving only a few dishes. It was the type of place where we really felt surrounded by the local culture. While tasting the delicious, smoky noodles, we became curious about how they were made, so we started speaking with the owner. She was a 33 year old Vietnamese woman who took over the family business, serving Pho soups since 1927 to the community.

Eating local foods and discovering local cultures through the hands and the words of local communities is our way of traveling the world. That night, we realized that many people, including ourselves, are not able to find and enjoy such experiences when travelling abroad. It requires high commitment and effort to find these authentic places, especially because they often do not have any advertising besides word of mouth and the mouth-watering smells coming out the front door.

What if it could be easier to find these gems? What if there was somebody bridging the gap between local communities and travelers looking for authentic experiences? 

That night, at the small noodle house in Hanoi, we started to build our vision: to increase the exposure and accessibility of local communities everywhere in the world. We want to bring people from big cities into the smaller communities by walking the roads less travelled and discovering the local cultures through food.

Interested in finding out more?

We’ll be waiting for you on one of our FoodRambles!!!

What to bring

  • 2 shirts (short sleeve/long sleeve – weather dependent)

  • 1 pair of shorts/pants (weather dependent)  
  • 1 raincoat
  • 1 sun hat
  • Walking shoes
  • 1 hoodie

  • 30 lt backpack
  • walking poles (optional)
  • 1 microfibre towel
  • dried fruit/nuts
  • min. 1 lt bottle/thermal flask
  • 1 rain cover for backpack (optional)

Our itinerary

day 1

  • 10:30am: Meeting at Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, Milan
  • 12:30am: Begin with the Salami Producer (food experience) – see a 13th century traditional salumi cellar and sample their delectable salami
  • 2:00pm: Light Lunch prepared in advance to be eaten at a historic castle
  • 3:00pm: Continue walking through the forest paths
  • 5:30pm: Goat cheesemaker (food experience) – see the goats on this family-run farm, taste the fresh milk and cheese alongside locally produced wine 
  • 7:30pm: Relax and enjoy the late afternoon sunlight
  • 8:30pm: Exquisite dining experience at a locally owned and run agritourism hotel and restaurant – dinner consists of nine courses of beautifully prepared and locally produced ingredients

day 2

  • 7:00am: Homemade breakfast at the accommodation
  • 8:00am: Begin walking through the beautiful countryside
  • 11:30am: Arrive at the winery (food experience) – tour of their traditional estate and a tasting of their range of red, white and sparkling wines
  • 1:30pm: Delicious and well-deserved lunch at a local trattoria-ristorante. The owner is also a salami producer (food experience) – take a look into the traditional meat curing and ageing processes of the family and town, and then taste a variety of cured meats
  • 3:30pm: Leaving Montalto Pavese
  • 4:30/5:00pm: Return to Milan

26-27 October

From Varzi to Montalto Pavese
180 Ticket for person
  • Days: 2
  • Distance: 26 Km
  • Focus food: Cheese and Salami

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